AT&T enforcing its unlocking policy

After the release of iPhone 5S, At&t tightened up their unlocking procedure to make sure people cannot perform bulk unlocks. Resellers had long been using At&t official gateways to unlock second hand iPhones and sell them at a handsome profit. At the end of 2013, At&t decided to crack down on such practices and introduced several verification restrictions to their unlocking gateway.

What does this mean for people who want to unlock an At&t iPhone today?

Two things. The first thing is that third party services will now charge more to get the job done. We, at Keys2iPhone, still being the most affordable At&t unlocking code provider, work hard every day to pass savings on to our customers. We use several gateways that ensure we do not overcharge for an unlock. If it can be done cheaper, we will do it and within the promised time frame. For those customers, who are in a hurry, our express gateway may be the best option.

The second thing, of course, it is now harder and takes longer to get your iPhone unlocked. This especially concerns in-contract iPhones and the new iPhone 5S. Most At&t customers who tried to go through the company’s official unlocking request page were dismayed to find their legitimate requests denied.

Scam Alert!

Scams have popped up all over the place. If you see someone advertise an official unlock at a dirt cheap price that looks too good to be true, most likely, it is a scam.


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Australian carriers auto-unlock their customers iPhones

Let’s talk about the present status of Australian carrier policies on iPhone unlocking.

Optus/ Virgin.

This is easy. In September, 2013 Optus auto-unlocked all iPhones previously sold by them (including the iPhone 5). Performing an update or restore via iTunes, after this date, is all it takes to sync your iPhone unlock with Apple’s database.


iPhone 5, 5S and 5C models are already unlocked by Telstra so you can simply sync your iPhone in iTunes by inserting another provider’s SIM card. Telstra iPhone 4S is NOT unlocked and to unlock it you can use our inexpensive unlocking service that supports blacklisted iPhones as well. The unlock is processed within 2 days which is much faster than doing it yourself.

AU Vodafone

If you’ve bought an iPhone through Vodafone, you can unlock it through iTunes without needing to contact Vodafone or go through a third party unlocking service. The steps listed below will sync your unlock in Apple’s database.

How to Sync iPhone in iTunes

Download the latest version of iTunes first from official Apple’s website. Update your device to iOS 7 via iTunes – it’s that simple. Once the update is complete your iPhone unlock will be synced with Apple’s database.

If you have an iPhone 3, 3GS OR if you don’t want to update to iOS 7, then perform a backup and then restore your iPhone with iTunes. This sends the unlocking setting to your iPhone, allowing it to work with another provider’s SIM card. You are all set.

If you need detailed step by step instructions on how to restore / back up and sync your iPhone via iTunes, this Vodafone page is an excellent walk-through. It will work for any carrier regardless of the SIM card.

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How to tell if your iPhone is unlocked

checkmyiphoneIt seems most of you are still confused about this whole unlocking business and whether you may actually need an unlock.

In our web and call center stats we see that many people are asking how to check iPhone locked or unlocked. Also, whether the handset can be used on some different network while locked to another, etc. Many questions are about cross border use of iPhones. For example:

Do I need to unlock a Vodafone to use Verizon?

… as well as domestic network usage:

How to unlock iPhone 4s Verizon for At&t?

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Implications of expired DMCA exemption for iPhone unlocking

DMCA iPhone UnlockingDigital Millennium Copyright Act has been created to protect intellectual property rights but since its inception it has grown to regulate everything from home YouTube videos to iPhone unlocking. There was a provision in the Law that exempted cell phone unlocking. This so-called exemption expired January, 26 this year which “technically” made it illegal to unlock your iPhone and use it on another network without the carrier’s approval.
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iPhone “Jailbreak” vs. iPhone Unlock

iOS 6 Jailbreak iPhone 5, 4/4SBefore we talk about how to perform a safe “jailbreak” of your iPhone, you should not confuse “jailbreak” with factory unlock.

Many cell phones are exclusive to a single carrier or network. If you find a more affordable network you want to switch over to and do not want to buy an entirely new phone, the only option is to officially unlock it. An unlocked phone is compatible with multiple networks, so you can pick and choose your network without sacrificing the quality of your phone.

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Is my new iPhone 5 / 5S already unlocked?

iphone5newIf you just got your new iPhone 5 / 5S, you are probably wondering if it is unlocked and can be used on any network. The Internet is full of rumors about policies used by different providers. We have called and talked to each provider to find out. The Web is also full of misinformation and outright scams that try to sell you jailbreaks calling them factory unlocks. Read on and be aware. Read the rest of this post »

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Is it possible to unlock my at&t iPhone 5 for free?

The official Apple store web page now lists prices for unlocked iPhones 5 starting at $699! iPhone 5 works with nano-SIM cards supported by most carrier networks throughout the world. This is good news. The bad news is that the price tag of $699 is more than most people can afford so there is an easy way around it – get an iPhone for a much cheaper price with a little “appendage” – a two year carrier contract. You will pay only $199 for a 16Gb phone in this case. The contract is what keeps the price of a new iPhone down – the price is basically spread over two years and the cell phone company will more than recover the costs of the discount offered to you.1*

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