AT&T enforcing its unlocking policy

After the release of iPhone 5S, At&t tightened up their unlocking procedure to make sure people cannot perform bulk unlocks. Resellers had long been using At&t official gateways to unlock second hand iPhones and sell them at a handsome profit. At the end of 2013, At&t decided to crack down on such practices and introduced several verification restrictions to their unlocking gateway.

What does this mean for people who want to unlock an At&t iPhone today?

Two things. The first thing is that third party services will now charge more to get the job done. We, at Keys2iPhone, still being the most affordable At&t unlocking code provider, work hard every day to pass savings on to our customers. We use several gateways that ensure we do not overcharge for an unlock. If it can be done cheaper, we will do it and within the promised time frame. For those customers, who are in a hurry, our express gateway may be the best option.

The second thing, of course, it is now harder and takes longer to get your iPhone unlocked. This especially concerns in-contract iPhones and the new iPhone 5S. Most At&t customers who tried to go through the company’s official unlocking request page were dismayed to find their legitimate requests denied.

Scam Alert!

Scams have popped up all over the place. If you see someone advertise an official unlock at a dirt cheap price that looks too good to be true, most likely, it is a scam.


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