Australian carriers auto-unlock their customers iPhones

Let’s talk about the present status of Australian carrier policies on iPhone unlocking.

Optus/ Virgin.

This is easy. In September, 2013 Optus auto-unlocked all iPhones previously sold by them (including the iPhone 5). Performing an update or restore via iTunes, after this date, is all it takes to sync your iPhone unlock with Apple’s database.


iPhone 5, 5S and 5C models are already unlocked by Telstra so you can simply sync your iPhone in iTunes by inserting another provider’s SIM card. Telstra iPhone 4S is NOT unlocked and to unlock it you can use our inexpensive unlocking service that supports blacklisted iPhones as well. The unlock is processed within 2 days which is much faster than doing it yourself.

AU Vodafone

If you’ve bought an iPhone through Vodafone, you can unlock it through iTunes without needing to contact Vodafone or go through a third party unlocking service. The steps listed below will sync your unlock in Apple’s database.

How to Sync iPhone in iTunes

Download the latest version of iTunes first from official Apple’s website. Update your device to iOS 7 via iTunes – it’s that simple. Once the update is complete your iPhone unlock will be synced with Apple’s database.

If you have an iPhone 3, 3GS OR if you don’t want to update to iOS 7, then perform a backup and then restore your iPhone with iTunes. This sends the unlocking setting to your iPhone, allowing it to work with another provider’s SIM card. You are all set.

If you need detailed step by step instructions on how to restore / back up and sync your iPhone via iTunes, this Vodafone page is an excellent walk-through. It will work for any carrier regardless of the SIM card.

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