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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which iPhone models can be unlocked through this service?
A: Our unique unlock service works for any iPhone model and supports all bootloaders, basebands, and firmwares. This is not a jailbreak or software unlock - we factory unlock using Apple's IMEI database.

Q: Can you unlock a secondhand iPhone if I am not the original owner?
A: Totally! If you just got your iPhone as a gift, bought it on eBay, Amazon, etc., you can use our unlocking service to get it unlocked.

Q: Which carriers does this service support?
A: We unlock all major U.S., UK, Canadian and Australian wireless service providers and some providers in other countries as well.

Q: How does the unlocking process work step-by-step?
A: You simply place a quick order providing us with your iPhone model, current carrier, and the 15-digit IMEI number. We then send an unlock request to the carrier through our official channel. Once the phone is marked unlocked in the IMEI database, we will send you an email and you will finish the final step of the official unlocking process in iTunes.

Q: Can you unlock my iPhone if I still have a contract with the carrier?
A: Absolutely, the whole point of unlocking is to get away from the contract and use your device on a different network. We can officially unlock any contractual device.

Q: Will I be able to use an At&t iPhone on T-Mobile network?
A: After SIM unlock is complete, you will be able to use it on any GMS network in your own country or abroad.

Q: Does the phone have to be located in the country where it was purchased in order to qualify for this unlock?
A: No, the headset can be anywhere in the world - our official unlock is not sensitive to any geographic location of the phone. As long as you have access to iTunes to perform a final step of the unlocking process, you are good to go no matter where you or the phone is located.

Q: I tried a software-based unlock and it failed, can I still take advantage of your service to get my device unlocked?
A: Absolutely! There are many websites out there selling software that doesn't actually do anything other than get your iPhone into a restore loop, or merely jailbreak it whilst claiming to SIM-unlock it. We can help unlock it and you can then update to the latest iOS version to sync it in iTunes. We also can unlock handsets which have been barred or reported as lost or stolen dependent on network.

Q: Is it possible to unlock AT&T iPhone that was not activated with AT&T SIM?
A: The short answer is "YES" but you may need to use an At&t SIM card to activate it after unlock complete. You can use a free activation checker at iPhoneox.com before placing your order with us.

Q: Can you unlock blacklisted iPhone?
A: Yes in some cases. At&t unlocked iPhone will work only outside the U.S. though. We cannot unlock Verizon or T-Mobile blacklisted locked iPhones at this time.
Start your official unlock:
Select your iPhone model and carrier to which it is currently locked to view if we can unlock it for you. If we can, we will inform you of the price and you will enter your IMEI number next.
iPhone Model:*
Handset currently locked to: *
Don't know your carrier?
Important: You must select the network the handset is currently locked to, however any sim card will unlock the device.
Don't select the network you want to run it on - once unlocked you will be able to use your iPhone on any network.
If you are not sure which carrier your iPhone is locked to OR whether your iPhone is currently locked / unlocked, simply select "Don't know your carrier?" above and we will run a check first - before you can order the unlock if needed.
Supported Carriers
iPhone Unlock for At&tiPhone Unlock for Vodafone
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