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iPhone SIM unlock
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So happy I stumbled on this site! My iphone is now unlocked!

I am leaving for a two-month-long trip to Europe, and my phone carrier would not unlock my iphone, even though we were on the last few months of our 2 year contract, and will still be paying for service we won't be using. After three transfers to three sales people, I hung up the phone unsuccessful and annoyed. Now,...

Jimmy Russell Alcatraz

Jennifer Lonigro Giovannoni
Saint Louis, US

Fast, easy, and simple

Locked phones should be illegal. There is no reason companies should bind the phone to their network on top of service contracts. Regardless there are great services like this ...

Brian Brady

Brian Brady,
Manchester, US

I was skeptical, but it was fast, easy and efficient.

I was scouring the internet looking for a way to unlock my iPhone 5 so that I could use it while on vacation. Ran into this service, and thank god I did. It was fast, easy and efficient. Absolutely brilliant...

Aakaanksh A.K.

Aakaanksh A.K.

Start Your Official Unlock1 :

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Select your iPhone model and carrier to which it is currently locked to view if we can unlock it for you. If we can, we will inform you of the price and you will enter your IMEI number next.
iPhone Model:*
Handset currently locked to: *
Don't know carrier or lock status?
Important: You must select the network the handset is currently locked to, however any sim card will unlock the device.
Don't select the network you want to run it on - once unlocked you will be able to use your iPhone on any network.
If you are not sure which carrier your iPhone is locked to OR whether your iPhone is currently locked / unlocked, simply click on "Don't know your carrier?" and we will run a check first - before you can order the unlock if needed.

Official Factory SIM Unlock for iPhone 4/4S & 5/5S


  • Apple IMEI database permanent unlock
  • Low price guarantee
  • No complicated software to run
  • Any SIM support
  • It is NOT a "jailbreak"
  • Any firmware, baseband support
Please Note: If you purchased Verizon iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S/C in the Unites States, it comes locked only to the CDMA network within the United States. It is "officially" unlocked to use on any GSM carrier both in and out of U.S. This means that you do not need a special unlock in order to use your device oversees with a foreign provider or a U.S. GSM carrier learn more...

How it works

Simply select the iPhone version you would like to unlock, the mobile carrier to which it is currently locked and enter the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Note: If you are nor sure which carrier your iPhone is locked to, simply click on "Don't know your carrier?" and we will run a check on the carrier first - before you can order the unlock. We will then show if we can currently provide an official unlock and, if so, you will be prompted to a secure payment page. All payments are processed via PayPal so we do not collect any identity information from you. Once the payment is complete, we will process your unlock by marking the device as "unlocked" in the official Apple's database. You will receive the confirmation email from us once your device has been unlocked.

Supported iPhone Versions / Carriers

  iPhone 4 / 4S2 iPhone 5/5S/5C
AT&T Unlocked iPhone will work on any GSM network in U.S. and abroad. Unlocked iPhone will work on any GSM network within U.S. and anywhere abroad.
Verizon 4S: Unlocks international SIM slot for use on international networks The iPhone works on any GSM network worldwide, including U.S.
Sprint 4S: Unlocks international SIM slot for use on international networks Unlocks international SIM slot for use on international networks
Vodafone Unlocked iPhone will work on any GSM network in UK and oversees. Unlocked iPhone will work on any GSM network in UK and abroad.

About iPhone "Jailbreaking"

There are many websites out there advertising instant unlocks by means of so-called iOS "jailbreaking". To keep a long story short, you do not want to mess around with these websites because they take your money and give you something that you can get for free anyway. "Jailbreaking" is where you run some software on your PC or Mac with your iPhone connected, in order to gain access to the operating system, allowing users to download additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store. It is NOT a sim unlock. Jailbreaks are free - do not pay for them. Any site selling software to unlock your iPhone is actually just selling a jailbreak.

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Supported Carriers
iPhone Unlock for At&tiPhone Unlock for Vodafone
Verizon iPhone unlock
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1All deadlines indicated on the order page are tentative based on average processing time. Some orders need longer processing due to resubmission and other factors.
2Please note that AT&T uses GSM technology, so all the iPhones it sells have a SIM-card slot and unlocks will work on other GSM networks. In U.S. the most popular GSM network is T-Mobile. And most networks in other countries build on GSM technology. Verizon and Sprint are CDMA based networks. The iPhone 4S has a dual GSM/CDMA chip in it, so one model works on all networks. However, if you activate it on Sprint or Verizon, you are stuck with that carrier in the USA. Sprint or Verizon will unlock the SIM slot for you to use international GSM carriers though, so you can travel and avoid expensive international roaming charges. AT&T 4S's don't have the CDMA side active, so an unlocked version still won't work with Verizon, though, it will work with just about any network worldwide. Unlike the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4 had two models, a GSM model and a CDMA model. Verizon or Sprint iPhone 4 won't work on GSM networks because it came with no SIM card slot.
Also, notice that you won't be able to switch your iPhone from a U.S. GSM network to a U.S. CDMA network. For example, you won't be able to use At&t or T-Mobile activated iPhone 5 on a CDMA network, like Verizon or Sprint, even if your iPhone has been factory unlocked.
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